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the Bird and the Bee – Please Clap Your Hands

Posted by Gabe on November 8, 2007

Please Clap Your Handsa 5 song EP, is the newest release from the Bird and The Bee.

The duo of Greg Kurstin and Inara George have a sound that’s hard to categorize and highly original.

The vocals are jazzy, cool and have a 60’s hipster vibe to them. The music veers off in that direction as well. But it also has dancy beats and trippy drums sounds.

Keyboards abound and they run the gamut of sound from pure jazz at times to wild 80’s style flourishes at others. Various other avantgarde textures complete a compelling kaleidoscope of sound.

Somehow it all comes together in a fantastic package. Most importantly, it works.

Please Clap Your Hands 

Their originals are very good and demand your attention for their inventiveness and sheer exuberance.

Most revealing for a duo whose entire sound is a pleasant and welcoming surprise is the last track on the EP. Dozens of people have covered the Bee Gees “How Deep Is Your Love.” Not a single one of them comes close to this version. It alternately respects the original yet forges some of it’s own sound. It might be the single best cover of a Bee Gees song to date. I know I haven’t heard a better one.

“Please Clap Your Hands” is a welcome addition to your collection if you enjoy jazzy vocals and eclectic music. It’s likely to be one of the more interesting things you hear this year. Perhaps one of the most often played too.


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